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Welcome to Florida Cannabis Growers*


This website is for future Florida Cannabis Growers and future Florida Cannabis Dispensaries. If you are the owner of Agricultural land or plan to own a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Florida now is the time to join our network.

Florida cannabis Growers can help you:

1- Apply for all licenses and permits for growing in Florida.
2- Grow the finest product in the country with our unmatched expertise.
3- Sell your product to dispensaries throughout the state.
4- Follow all state laws and keep you up to date of any potential changes in the laws.


About this website

This This website has been developed as a tool for decision makers, practitioners, and others involved in the realization of Florida Cannabis Growers. It is also intended as an information source for researchers and other interested individuals.


* All information posted on this website is for when Medical Marijuana is voted and approved on the upcoming ballot in November 2014.

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